I’m Back on WordPress


About a year ago, I took my WordPress site offline and replaced it with a simple static website that only linked to my various social media profiles. My life had grown too busy for me to write regularly.

Recently though, I realized that I got it backward. Instead of taking my own site down and continuing to post on so many separate social networks, it should really be the other way around. Everything I do on the web should live in a single place, instead of being siloed off.

So this is where that reversal starts, with the revival of WordPress on my website. Later on down the road I hope to wind down my social media profiles altogether. Yep. All of them.

Why? Well, Andy Baio said it best over at Waxy.org:

Ultimately, it comes down to two things: ownership and control.

Last week, Twitter announced they’re shutting down Vine. Twitter, itself, may be acquired and changed in some terrible way. It’s not hard to imagine a post-Verizon Yahoo selling off Tumblr. Medium keeps pivoting, trying to find a successful revenue model. There’s no guarantee any of these platforms will be around in their current state in a year, let alone ten years from now.

Here, I control my words. Nobody can shut this site down, run annoying ads on it, or sell it to a phone company. Nobody can tell me what I can or can’t say, and I have complete control over the way it’s displayed. Nobody except me can change the URL structure, breaking 14 years of links to content on the web.

I don’t have 14 years of content, but I still think going independent is the best move in the long run.

One thing I want to figure out though is how to import all of my past tweets, Instagram photos, and so on. I would like to eventually quit those networks, but I don’t want to lose the stuff I created while I was using them. If you have tips on how to do that, I’d be happy to here them!