This page is a fairly comprehensive list of the software, hardware, and websites that I use on a regular basis. I tend to experiment with a lot of various apps and workflows, so over time I’ve pretty much found the ideal tool for me in every category and use-case.


Everyday Utilities
  • 1Password — The best password manager available, hands down.
  • Atom — GitHub-backed text editor. Here’s a list of my packages.
  • Dropbox — Keeps my files in sync, but mostly houses my photos.
  • Google Chrome — I’ve tried using Firefox before, but it never sticks.
  • iTerm 2 — Much better than Terminal for command line work.
  • Messages — For texting people from my MacBook, that’s about it.
  • Slack — An application for exchanging GIFs between coworkers. 😉
  • Spark — A well-designed email client with all the features I need.
  • Tweetbot — Solid Twitter client, even if tweeting isn’t your thing.
  • 2Do — For keeping track of my to-do lists while I wait for Things 3.
  • Alfred — One keyboard shortcut gets you anywhere. Huge time saver.
  • Fantastical — Keeps track of when and why I have to leave my house.
  • Hazel — Performs automatic actions on files so I don’t have to. Nice!
  • Simplenote — Holds random notes and other useful information.
  • Dash — Searches programming docs from your desktop (using Alfred).
  • GitHub — Handy for someone who’s still afraid of command line git.
  • Local — For spinning up WordPress test sites and testing them out.
  • Transmit — FTP + S3. Not too fancy, but I don’t really use it that often.
Backup / Security
  • Backblaze — Automatically backs up all my important files and such.
  • Cloak — VPN service for securing my connection while on public WiFi.
  • Little Snitch — Controls which apps can send data out to the Internet.
  • Sophos Home — Free, simple, and lightweight antivirus app. Works.
  • Time Machine — Automatic backups to my external hard drive. Works.
  • Amphetamine — Keeps my laptop from sleeping when I’m working.
  • Droplr — Capture, draw on, and share screenshots. Better than Skitch.
  • Flux — Dims and warms your display as the sun sets. Saves your eyes.


  • 1Password — See above.
  • 2Do — See above.
  • Castro — Plays podcasts on my daily walk. Better UI than Overcast.
  • Cloak — See above.
  • Dropbox — Keeps data in sync for 1Password, 2Do, Transmit, etc.
  • Duo Mobile — Shows me my two-factor auth codes when I need them.
  • Fantastical — My favorite calendaring app. Simple and well-designed.
  • Gboard — Better than the default keyboard. Sensible privacy policy.
  • Google Maps — For those rare occasions when I leave my apartment.
  • Instagram — Makes me feel like a better photographer than I really am.
  • Narwhal — New-ish Reddit client. Better than the official app.
  • Parkmobile — Lets me pay for parking without having to carry change.
  • Pinner — A client for Pinboard. I don’t use it often, but it’s nice to have.
  • Productive — Tracks my habits and goals. Better than Reminders.
  • Reeder — For consuming RSS feeds on my phone. Feedbin integration.
  • Scanbot — Scans things to PDF’s in seconds. Uploads to Dropbox.
  • Simplenote — See above.
  • Slack — See above.
  • Spark — Best iOS email client. Also avoids the “emails are tasks” trap.
  • Square Cash — Sends and receives money. Way better than Venmo.
  • Storm — My personal favorite weather app. Better than Dark Sky.
  • Trello — For managing long-term projects. Not used very often.
  • Tweetbot — See above.
  • WordPress — For creating content on the go. I should use it more.



  • Facebook — The social network that everyone wishes they could quit.
  • FastMail — Much better than Gmail / Google Apps. You should switch.
  • Feedbin — RSS reader. This is how I consume most of my daily news.
  • GitHub — Houses my amateur coding efforts. Pull requests welcome.
  • Hckr News — Hacker News, but with a better interface on top of it.
  • Pinboard — Keeps all my bookmarks organized. Delightfully simple.
  • Reddit — Reddit’s what you make of it. No more, no less. I mostly lurk.
  • Trello — See above.
  • Weather Underground — Shows me what Mother Nature’s up to.
  • You Need a Budget — So I can ensure the bills are paid each month.

Browser Extensions

  • µBlock Origin — Faster than AdBlock Plus and more advanced.
  • 1Password — Autofills login forms with my usernames and passwords.
  • HTTPS Everywhere — Forces websites to load securely, over HTTPS.
  • JSON Viewer — Formats and indents raw JSON data. Super cool.
  • Linkclump — Hold Shift and drag over links to open them all at once.
  • Pinput — Sends bookmarks to Pinboard so I can organize them later.
  • Privacy Badger — Blocks nefarious ads and other invisible trackers.
  • Proxy SwitchyOmega — Controls my proxy settings. Needed for work.