My Atom Packages

Source Code

A couple weeks ago my new MacBook Pro 13″ was delivered. It’s quite a bit faster than my old Air, so I’ve been trying out the Atom text editor instead of the usual Sublime Text 3. I have no complaints so far; it’s been good enough for me to keep using it. 🙂

I really like the packages ecosystem too. Here’s a list of some of the ones I’ve found particularly useful:

Package Sync should be especially handy the next time I configure Atom on a new machine, since it keeps a list of all your installed packages in a file and can restore from that list whenever you want.

Fans on the Field and Leaks

Baseball Stadium

I heard an interesting segment on the Effectively Wild podcast the other day (starts at 23:00). It was about how fan-on-the-field incidents in baseball are a lot like national security leaks.

In both cases, the authority figure (being the baseball team, or the government) must appear to strongly disapprove of X. Behind closed doors though, they probably don’t mind the occasional X all that much, since it benefits them in some other way.

In the government’s case, this other benefit is that it helps maintain their ability to purposefully leak things to the media, which will then be reported on. In the baseball team’s case, the benefits are more vague, but are still there: it’s just plain fun (for the spectators at least), it can vicariously exercise some frustration if the fan’s team is losing, and it can also connect spectators to the game by reminding them that they are in the same physical space as the players themselves.

Anyway, I have nothing to add to Ben and Sam’s segment really, I just though it was interesting and wanted to mention it here. 🙂

Zen Snowboarding with Alto’s Adventure


I’ve been playing a lot of Alto’s Adventure lately on my phone. Usually I don’t like the “infinite runner” style of games, but this one’s stuck around for some reason.

Here’s the trailer:

As you can see, the visuals are downright beautiful. The soundtrack is even more so. It also has a “zen mode” that lets you backflip down the endless mountain without worrying about specific objectives.

What I like most is the simplicity though: the game doesn’t have any in-app purchases or annoying invites to compete with your friends. It’s just serene snowboarding, mountain meditations.

I’m Back on WordPress


About a year ago, I took my WordPress site offline and replaced it with a simple static website that only linked to my various social media profiles. My life had grown too busy for me to write regularly.

Recently though, I realized that I got it backward. Instead of taking my own site down and continuing to post on so many separate social networks, it should really be the other way around. Everything I do on the web should live in a single place, instead of being siloed off.

So this is where that reversal starts, with the revival of WordPress on my website. Later on down the road I hope to wind down my social media profiles altogether. Yep. All of them.

Why? Well, Andy Baio said it best over at

Ultimately, it comes down to two things: ownership and control.

Last week, Twitter announced they’re shutting down Vine. Twitter, itself, may be acquired and changed in some terrible way. It’s not hard to imagine a post-Verizon Yahoo selling off Tumblr. Medium keeps pivoting, trying to find a successful revenue model. There’s no guarantee any of these platforms will be around in their current state in a year, let alone ten years from now.

Here, I control my words. Nobody can shut this site down, run annoying ads on it, or sell it to a phone company. Nobody can tell me what I can or can’t say, and I have complete control over the way it’s displayed. Nobody except me can change the URL structure, breaking 14 years of links to content on the web.

I don’t have 14 years of content, but I still think going independent is the best move in the long run.

One thing I want to figure out though is how to import all of my past tweets, Instagram photos, and so on. I would like to eventually quit those networks, but I don’t want to lose the stuff I created while I was using them. If you have tips on how to do that, I’d be happy to here them!