Mr. Robot, Season One

Just finished watching USA’s Mr. Robot last night. Overall it’s one of the best shows I’ve seen on TV lately. Grab it on Amazon Video here.

The best part is that show seems like it’s actively trying to trip you up while you’re watching it. The shot framing is awkward, the narrator is unreliable, and there are some very overt homages to other movies (e.g. Fight Club) that clearly inspired the show.

My only criticism would be that it kinda trails off toward the end. Some things start to not make sense, the storytelling gets a little sloppy, etc. It reminded me of how Lost trailed off toward the end of its run.

Aurora Photos from the GM

Ever since I started at Automattic back in 2013, one of the highlights of every year since has been what we call the “Grand Meetup.”

For one entire week in the fall, everyone in the company gets together to work on awesome stuff and just have fun together. It’s a chance to put faces to names and hang out with the people you work with every day.

Here are some photos of my team, Aurora. They’re pretty great! 😎

On Blogging Less Often

Almost two months ago I wrote about trying to blog more often. Recently though, I burnt out. I’ve discovered that forcing myself to write nearly every day isn’t something that I enjoy. It became a chore.

So that’s why the I’ve been pretty quiet for the past month or so.

I need to find a happy medium between writing often enough to keep up the habit, but not doing it so much that it becomes a hassle, just another thing to check off on my to-do list for the day.

Mandrill for WordPress

Here’s a useful service I ran across a while back: Mandrill. It integrates with WordPress via a simple plugin and sends all of your site’s email via their servers (instead of using the built-in wp_mail function).

It used to be free up to 12,000 email sends per month, but unfortunately they changed their pricing on 2015-07-15. Now you get 2,000 sends total before you have to start paying $9.95 per month. 😞

Similar services that might be worth looking into: SendGrid, Mailgun, and Amazon SES. Could be useful if your site sends a lot of email.

[Thanks to Flickr user Patrick Bouquet for the featured image.]

Fitbit Charge HR, One Month In

I bought a Fitbit Charge HR about a month ago with some extra money that I had in an old HSA account. I’ve worn it everyday since.

Because Fitbits are generally smaller and lighter than watches, they’re pretty easy to get used to (even for someone who’s never worn a watch before). And getting used to them is how Fitbits hook you: once you’re accustomed to having it on, you feel naked when you don’t.

I like the integration with MyFitnessPal too. It regularly adds calories to your daily quota on MFP depending on how active you’ve been that day. Exercise in the morning? Your Fitbit will automatically sync that to MFP so you don’t need to log it manually. This is the big perk.

You could, in theory, use the Fitbit site for everything: tracking exercise, calories, water intake, sleep, and so on. MyFitnessPal’s food database is much bigger though, so I’ve ended up using MFP for tracking anything I consume, and Fitbit for tracking exercise.

If you’re interested in potentially getting one, there’s a pretty in-depth review of the Charge HR over on The Wirecutter.