The “Famous Egg Sandwich” at the Scholar’s Inn Bakehouse

My Mom stopped by for a short visit this weekend. She hadn’t been to Bloomington yet, so it was a nice chance to show off our new place.

Yesterday evening we drove up to Oliver Winery for their last Cork and Fork festival this year. It was a fun time despite the long wait for food.

Oliver Winery
Olivery Winery’s Cork and Fork Festival

Anyway, to the point: this morning we went out for breakfast to a neat downtown cafe called the Scholar’s Inn Bakehouse. They make various breads, pastries, and other baked goods in-house. We buy loaves of their bread sometimes, and it actually is quite delicious.

I decided to have the Famous Egg Sandwich.

Now, given that I had never heard tell of this “famous” sandwich before, despite having previously eaten at this very same establishment, I didn’t exactly have the highest of hopes. That said, I try to be optimistic about all things sandwich.

After a 15 minute wait on their sunny front patio, it arrived:

It comes with a fried egg, cheddar cheese, and your choice of sausage, ham, or bacon. I went with the bacon, natch. As you can imagine though, the insides of this sandwich are none too special. The key is the bread.

This particular sandwich comes on Pane Bello, Italian for “beautiful bread.” It’s not quite a sourdough, but it definitely has some chewiness to it and a hint of that tangy flavor. Very good, very good.

Scholar's Inn Bakehouse - Famous Egg Sandwich 3
Midway through. :)

Overall, it was just plain OK. Breakfast food is hard to do badly, so in that sense it was a decent sandwich. On the flipside, it’s also hard to make a truly great breakfast sandwich, and this one falls short.


Price: $3.99 — Not bad. Portion size was just right.
Fixin’s: One egg, cheddar, and ham, bacon, or sausage.
Flavor: A good breakfast sandwich, but nothing more.
The Good: The bread. Nothing beats homemade flavor.
The Bad: It’s dull. At least add a tomato or something!
Extras: None.

Ultimate Customizer for Jetpack

Here’s a neat idea for a WordPress plugin I had the other day:

Currently there are 151 instances of the apply_filters and add_action functions in Jetpack. Most users don’t even know that these methods for customization even exist, let alone how to use them.

I should create a plugin that would basically just put a GUI on top of the most popular ones, thus enabling much easier customization. I’d call it “Ultimate Customizer for Jetpack” or something similar.

[Thanks to Flickr user Todd Lappin for the featured image.]